Video Game Development

All you need to know about Game Development

Last year’s collaborative effort between zGames – video game development company and Virginia based research company, REESI to deliver a massive US government-funded gaming project was a great demonstration of zGames’s stand when it comes to social justice. It was a project aimed at helping distressed minority school children handle the challenges of belonging to minority groups.

The company’s founder, Chris Howard, has always been about passion and talent rather than making a killing in the gaming industry. Since he founded the company in 2008, he has seen it grow in leaps and bounds. Popular games like Lucky Swipe and Happy Chef have have attracted interest from Atari, Taito and Big Fish among other big players.

What is Game Dev all about?

For over eight years, zGames has been developing various genres of video games, from educational apps to augmented reality to casual games. Their client portfolio includes reputable game publishers and producers in the US and Europe.

The company prides itself as one of the best when it comes to providing top-notch game designs and development services. Whether it’s coming up with initial concepts or prototyping, zGames utilizes the most appropriate technology for its game mechanics.

The company also designs game art as a service for clients whose design capabilities are limited. Whether it’s 2D or 3D designs, their artistic crew will cover you fully from concept art to user interface to any character style that you want.

Team effort

zGames continued growth can be attributed to their creative team always staying in touch with the latest innovations in the gaming industry. Maybe you can see how people plays in their games on Twitch From project managers to game designers to artists to QA engineers to intellectual property lawyers everyone understands their role as a part of the big picture. It is this blend of talent that is behind zGames most popular products.


ZGames won the 2014 Grand Prize at the DevGAMM Awards for Fright Fight, a popular multiplayer game. And also zgames has a profile on Owler , in 2015 zGames was described as one of the fastest growing game developers with the highest potential to deliver by Washington-based research firm Clutch –Here is business reviews about this company. In 2016, Clutch would once again rank zGames among the top software services providers in the entire state of Texas.

Bottom line

With over 8 years of game development experience, zGames remains one of the top game development companies in Texas. You can read more about Game Dev on developers forums and you will find the answers on your questions.Their ever-willing personnel always strives to do whatever it takes to explore the latest technology and any new gaming trends to keep their clients interested. zGames is the ultimate game developer for Android, Windows or iPhone platforms.

Standfore – Internet banking systems

Banking Systems

Nowadays, both offline and online organizations have gotten to be neatly and tightly dependent and intertwined to each other, although each stands free of the other. This has allowed a few benefits to emerge that can help in day to day lifestyle for inpiduals of any given cultural and social strata. One of the principle benefit is financial trade, which is the essential activity of each and every business in existence and those clients who use them.

Standfore – Internet banking systems consider the exchange of money to be made between any two parties, as far as both have bank account at any one or a few of these online systems. Surely, each and every business, regardless of whether offline based or online based, has such a bank account. This is on account of a good inundation of business events happens over the Internet daily. Indeed, even offline business directs such issues online with the end goal of simplicity and convenience.

A Cheque sent through the mail may take a good number of days to reach their recipients and afterward a few more days to clear banking security examines. On the other hand, Internet transactions then again, can be performed quickly by essentially sending the sum offered straight from one record into another. This money can then be utilized as purchasing power all through the Internet.

Yes, such cash can be exchanged to offline banking or union credit accounts, which as a rule requires a 3-4 day leeway however most internet banking accounts offer debit and credit cards so that account owners can get the cash straight from their internet accounts by method of a general ATM machine. In either case, the time hold up is reduced or non-existent for online money related withdrawal and its additionally protected and guaranteed.

How do these accounts vary from the credit unions and sites promoting internet banks? All things considered the most imperative consideration is that those sites serving offline banks and credit unions don’t permit account owners to take cash out over home or public PCs for security purpose yet at the same time inconvenient, particularly in dire or on emergency situations. However such cash can be moved into your internet bank account, again with a 3-4 days holding up period.

The moment the clearance time passes, such money can then be utilized on online or withdrawn through an ATM machine, much the same as payments that began on the web. This would appear to imply that Standfore – have not only turned out to be more typical and so popular but also very much desirable to the alternate.

There is no puzzle why then; offline organizations utilize the use of internet banking systems since general business demands simple, rapidly executed transactions. Since a regular inpidual can likewise freely take part in such superb practices, internet has rendered stroll to the banks basically out of date. It would be nothing unexpected if all future banking systems were to eventually be conducted over the internet.

HQ Software Development Company

Ultimate Custom Software Development Solution

For over 15 years now, HQSoftwarelab – a custom software development company, has been specializing in the development of web applications. This highly experienced web development company has been developing web applications ranging from mobile apps to enterprise solutions, specifically meant to meet your needs regarding moving your business a step further.

Services offered and Specialization

HQ Software developers offer you and your business services such as:

-Development of custom web applications

-Development of enterprise applications

-Modernization of legacy software’s

-Development of mobile applications

-Integration of various existing products

-Maintenance and support of software’s, and;

-Customization of 3rd party software

Besides, in the last 15 years, the company has been specializing and focusing on developing mobile and web technologies; doing both front and back-end development. HQ Software team of experts is not by any means limited to any particular business domain and has been doing custom software development rates for retail stores, digital marketing agencies, educational and medical institutions, financial institutions, banks, government agencies and other software development companies.

Technology focus

HQ software teams create their custom software using NET, Node JS, PHP, Java and Ad mobile applications for Android as well as iOS. The company’s projects range from Cloud-deployed iot application development architecture to applets, SaaS Solutions, and 3rd party integrations. Software services offered also vary from user experience to database design, layer abstraction, customer management and administrative interfaces.

HQ Software engagement model

The company’s engagement models are:

Time and material – you are charged hourly for every hour of work performed. You are issued with your bill at end-month, and any additional costs are negotiated beforehand. This model best suits you if you prefer flexible control over changes as it saves you money and time on the elaboration of bulky specifications. Additionally, you enjoy full control of deliverables as well as getting timely project reports.

Fixed price model – if you have a fixed budget, the HQ Software team offers you with a project quote which contains detailed specification projects, milestones, deliverables and predefined timeframe. This model favors small and medium scope projects, whose requirements and schedules can be well-defined before the commencement of project development.

Dedicated teams model – this model is perfect for long-term cooperation where the company selects candidates to form your team that’s up to your requirements. The dedicated developers then work relentlessly on your projects and predefined management on either your or the company’s side.

Quality assurance

HQ’s quality assurance covers the entire software development process – right from requirements definition all the way to product release and integration. The company’s ISTOB certified IT engineers offer:

-Functional testing

-Compatibility testing

-Localization Testing

-Performance testing; and

-Security testing
Support and maintenance
Unless all deliverables are in place, HQ isn’t yet done with your project. The experts are only at peace when you are set up for success. With HQ, custom software development goes beyond just implementation and testing. Should your system require constant maintenance and support, HQ Software provides you with highly qualified and dedicated developers to see you through.


A Closer Look At Qulix Smart Home Applications

The Qulix System software custom development company has succeeded in developing an effective smart home system that is able to combine appliances, control systems and also security systems into a program that can easily be accessed.
If you use the Qulix system, you never have to check the security system or turn off your TV. This best smart home technology applications provides you with full control of various systems or appliances in your house. This article clearly focusses on some of the Qulix Smart home applications.

How The Qulix System Works

Basically, the Qulix smart home applications is able to easily incorporate various controls like air conditioning, heating, cooling and lighting into one system that makes work easier.
By just using one click, you can be able to alter various settings in your house. You can also be able to easily connect various settings and the energy usage to one particular system. The Qulix system is therefore beneficial because it’s able to effectively manage the energy output of your home so that you can save some money.
You can also easily connect your appliances and TV to the main system. By just clicking a button, you can easily be able to turn on or off your appliances from anywhere. The best part is that you can also use the Qulix system to monitor your home using live video that plays a major role in improving the security of your home.

Components of Qulix Smart Home System

Below are some of the components of this amazing system.
– Software that makes it quite easy for you to control important appliances that are in your home. It also schedules various tasks and supports many important interfaces like Z-Wave and Zigbee.
– There are also many sensors that are able to effectively report the current status of your home, monitor and also control various systems in your home.
– There are also electronic devices called actuators that are able to modify and interact with the home environment by doing various tasks.
– The wireless, busline and powerline systems also play a crucial role in your home.
It is worth noting down that Qulix also provides you with personal consultation and individual support so as to ensure that you always get high quality service. The smartphone application can also be easily customized so that it can provide you with immediate access to all your settings.
The main benefit of this system is that it is able to make difficult tasks in your home easy to both manage and accomplish. If you’re looking to invest in a high quality smart home system like Qulix, make sure that you contact them so that they can provide you with a prototype for free.